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I wish Tumblr had like a chat function but then it wouldn't be Tumblr anymore if it did haha. Anyways that's good to hear! I really love the things you post on this one, and yeah it'd be really nice if you came back! :3


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Hi how are you? :3

I am well, es tu?

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Hey you I'm just wondering if you still reblog stuff on here? It's been awhile since you last reposted anything on here. Btw you're super cute and beautiful :3

Thanks! And no, I don’t have internet at the moment so I never come on anymore :( it makes me sad but hopefully someday I will be back!


Atif Saeed - Photographer from Pakistan.


The Vastness of Space, Miniaturized, by Greg Keene.

TheScienceLlama used the Tilt-Shift filter in Photoshop to create a stunning series of space images. While many associate the technique with tilt-shift photography, it’s more accurate to describe this particular Photoshop process as miniature faking or the diorama effect. The effect is achieved by blurring parts of the photo to simulate a shallow depth of field.